Saltwater Rods

Ares II & Alexander




Heavy Jigging Series

The main reason for the continuous popularity of the ARES and Alexander jigging series is that they are not only catering to the needs of the market, but have also proven to be the best weapons to tackle the big ones.

Now the upgraded versions of ARES II and Alexander Heavy Jigging Series are launched to push big game jigging to another level. They not only enhance the original performances, but also employ the 36˚+ Technology and TAS process to further reinforce the blank, making the rod pull much harder with more oomph!


Handling metal jigs of 150-500g in water of more than 100 meters is quite easy for ARES II and Alexander. The most daunting element of these rods is that they are created with the exciting vision of violent tug-of-wars with the big ones, fulfilling the angler’s wild desire to conquer the tough opponents with sheer brute force.


Fitted with Fuji guides and Fuji components. 

Field Test

Field Test


Ares II

Model No.Length(Ft)Line wt.(PE)
Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
ACJ561M5’6”2 - 42007+11Over head (Casting)306
ACJ561MH5’6”3 - 52507+11Over head (Casting)325
ACJ561H5’6”4 - 83507+11Over head (Casting)352
ACJ561XH5’6”5 - 105007+11Over head (Casting)398
ASCJ562ML5’6”1 - 31505+1Butt jointSpinning317
ASJ562M5’6”2 - 42005+1Butt jointSpinning346
ASJ562MH5’6”3 - 52505+1Butt jointSpinning356
ASJ561ML5’6”1 - 31505+11Spinning293
ASCJ561M5’6”2 - 42005+11Spinning312
ASJ561MH5’6”3 - 52505+11Spinning331
ASJ561H5’6”4 - 83505+11Spinning351


Model No.Length(Ft)Line wt.(PE)
Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
ALXC1651ML5’6”1 - 31506+11Over head (Casting)315
ALXC1651M5’6”2 - 42006+11Over head (Casting)330
ALXC1651MH5’6”3 - 52506+11Over head (Casting)347
ALXC1651H5’6”4 - 83506+11Over head (Casting)376
ALXC1651XH5’6”5 - 105006+11Over head (Casting)413
ALXS1651ML5’6”1 - 31505+11Spinning317
ALXS1651M5’6”2 - 42005+11Spinning338
ALXS1651MH5’6”3 - 52505+11Spinning349
ALXS1651H5’6”4 - 83505+11Spinning378
ALXS1652ML5’6”1 - 31505+1Butt jointSpinning327
ALXS1652M5’6”2 - 42005+1Butt jointSpinning366
ALXS1652MH5’6”3 - 52505+1Butt jointSpinning372