Freshwater Rods

Black Stone



High Performance Lure Fishing Rod

Intrepidly built from selected high modulus graphite from Japan with the employment of the advanced 36˚+ Wrapping Technology, the Black Stone is designed to be a top-notched freshwater lure fishing series. Despite being slimmer and lighter, the Black Stone still boasts superb tenacity and flexibility. The application of the TAS Technology greatly enhances its counter-pressure capability and outburst of progressive tensile force to offer anglers an all-new sensation in the battles with the fish.

Additionally, the use of EXT Technology which improves the rod's anti-twist and body reinforcement further enhances its perfection as a luring rod.

Its comfortable and anti-slip ergonomic EVA handle finessed with Fuji guides and components truly reflects the genuine strengths of Black Stone as an ideal rod for the right presentation of artificial lures.

Field Test


Model No.Length(Ft)Line wt.(lb)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
BSBC652M6' 5"6-187-218+1Butt JointCasting115
BSBC652MH6' 5"8-207-288+1Butt JointCasting113
BSBC632M6' 3"6-187-218+12Casting107
BSBC692MH6' 3"8-207-288+12Casting114
BSBC69MH6' 9"10-207-2810+11Casting134
BSBC610M6' 10"8-165-2110+11Casting137
BSBS632M6' 3"6-187-218+12Spinning100
BSBS692MH6' 9"8-207-288+12Spinning117