Saltwater Rods

Black Stone Lure Game



Ultimate Saltwater Luring Rod

The Black Stone LURE GAME is designed with serious emphasis on the rod’s ultimate impact on the real and subtle changes made to the artificial lures, in order to optimize the presentations of the lure. The blank is constructed from Japanese high carbon graphite, using the most advanced rod making technology to achieve optimal sensitivity and power, for complementing the pursuit for perfection in saltwater lure casting. The two-piece butt-joint makes it ​​convenient for carriage.

Fitted with Fuji K guides and quality components to ensure perfect performances on the sea

black stone Lure game Spinning Model

Field Test


Model No.Length(Ft)Line No.(PE)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
LGS792L7’9”2 - 3606+1Butt JointSpinning225