Freshwater Rods

Blue Carbon



Best Performance Luring Rod In Freshwater And Saltwater

The BLUE CARBON is one of the best-selling EXPERT Graphite all-round luring rods ideal for both freshwater and saltwater casting. The use of high modulus graphite from Japan for blank construction incorporating the 36˚+ wrapping technology reinforced with the TAS strengthening process resulted in an excellent rod boasting incredible power for effective control of the runs of the whopper even from a restrictive shore, and have it landed quickly without fuss.

The design focus of this rod is to produce the desirable flex for lure casting, good enough for handling lures of 7g and above for casting to distant spots accurately.

The 2-piece models are perfected with the use of MTJ joint technology to produce overall smoothness and power transmission like a 1-piece rod for effective casting and fish fighting.

Fitted with Fuji guides and Fuji components.

Field Test

Product Description

Model No.Length(Ft)Line wt.(lb)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
BCC602MH6’0”10 - 2012-238+12Casting107
BCC662MH6’6”10 - 208-189+12Casting115
BCC601MH6’0”10 - 2012-238+11Casting102
BCC661MH6’6”10 - 208-189+11Casting108
BCS602MH6’0”10 - 2012-236+12Spinning109
BCS662MH6’6”10 - 208-187+12Spinning126
BCS702MH7’0”10 - 2010-228+12Spinning137
BCS802MH8’0”10 - 2010-289+12Spinning148
BCS631MH6’3”10 - 209-286+11Spinning112
BCS671MH6’7”10 - 207-227+11Spinning120