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Blue Sniper



Custom Rods X-Series

The BLUE SNIPER series is the culmination of EXPERT Graphite’s international testing team’s exhaustive efforts to compile the opinions of worldwide pro-anglers for the purpose of re-inventing an innovative composite rod which was fully field-tested by regional testers before launching into the market. Its medium heavy to heavy action is most ideal for tackling both saltwater and freshwater giants. Its overall lightweight and superb flex make it superb for casting heavier lures from either the bank or boat. The ultimate top choice for targeting whoppers, the rod features high modulus graphite construction with the incorporation of the TAS and EXT technologies of EXPERT Graphite for enhancing the overall performances, including load handling and minimizing the fighting time. Being 1.5-piece (butt-joint) certainly makes it easy to carry around.

Fitted with Fuji guides and Fuji components. 

Test Field

Product Description

Model No.Length(Ft)Line wt.(lb)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
SNC702MH7’0”12 - 2810-858+1Butt JointCasting196
SNC762H7’6”20 - 3056-1419+1Butt JointCasting211
SNS702MH7’0”12 - 2810-856+1Butt JointSpinning186