Saltwater Rods




Light Jigging Rod

The ButterFly is a specially engineered one-piece jigging series comprising ultra-light, light and medium models for executing medium and small metal jigs. The 6-foot one-piece configuration is perfect for light and ultra-light jigging.  Its rod strength, tenacity and quick recovery are upgraded via the EXT Technology, which allows the jigs to be presented in a more versatile, subtle and rhythmic manner, with the capability to handle unexpectedly huge fish. The high modulus blank also allows any fish signal to be transmitted clearly and immediately to the hands of the angler for him to make quick judgments and react accordingly.

The ButterFly is suitable for shallow water jigging less than 60 meters deep. Cast the jig way out and retrieve it quickly once it touches bottom.

Fitted with Fuji guides and Fuji components. 

Test Field


Model No.Length(Ft)Line wt.(lb)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
BUC601M6’0”1.5 - 31608+11Over head (Casting)
BUS601UL6’0”0.6 - 1407+11Spinning113
BUS601L6’0”0.8 - 1.5807+11Spinning126
BUS601M6’0”1.5 - 31607+11Spinning139