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Compressive Jigging Series

INDEPENDENCE's jigging series encompasses all types of jigging methods - Micro Jigging, Vertical Jigging, and the latest popular Slow Jigging and Slow Pitch technique. A jigging enthusiast is sure to find his choice rod from this comprehensive series.

Stringent production standards ensure all INDEPENDENCE fishing rods are designed to withstand and counter the attack of any whopper. In the process of a serious tug-of-war, the back section of the rod will automatically come into play to help conserve the energy of the fisherman as it continuously tires out the fish for a quick submission.

The INDEPENDENCE jigging series features the most advanced rod making technology, with the use of two different high modulus graphite wrapped by way of the unique EXT (Expert X Technology) to create one tough and tenacious rod. INDEPENDENCE's extraordinary strength and resilience, as well as its endless explosive power, will keep the thrashing opponent under control, and ultimately bites the dust.

The launch of INDEPENDENCE in the market has since set a new standard for jigging rods. It has quickly become the new darling of metal players, contributing many memorable achievements for numerous fishermen.

Fitted with Fuji guides and Fuji components.

independence Jig Game Spinning Model

independence Jig Game Casting Model

Test Field

independence Light Jig Spinning Model

independence Light Jig Casting Model

Test Field

independence Slow Jig Spinning Model

independence Slow Jig Casting Model

Test Field

Product Description

Light Jingging Rods (Light Jig)

Model No.Length(Ft)Line No.(PE)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
INC621ML6’2”0.8 - 2.51208+11Casting128
INC621M6’2”1 - 3.51508+11Casting152
INC621MH6’2”2 - 41808+11Casting168
INS621ML6’2”0.8 - 2.51207+11Spinning128
INS621M6’2”1 - 3.51507+11Spinning143
INS621MH6’2”2 - 41807+11Spinning175

Heavy Jigging Rods (Jig Game)

Model No.Length(Ft)Line No.(PE)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
INC581M5’8”2 - 41807+11Casting248
INC581MH5’8”3 - 62507+11Casting288
INS581M5’8”2 - 41805+11Spinning238
INS581MH5’8”3 - 62505+11Spinning288

Slow Jigging (Long Fall)

Model No.Length(Ft)Line No.(PE)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
INC7427’4”318010+1Butt JointCasting190
INC7427’4”423010+1Butt JointCasting206
INS7427’4”31808+1Butt JointSpinning183

Slow Jigging Rods (Slow Jig)

Model No.Length(Ft)Line No.(PE)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)