Saltwater Rods

Jig Pro 3



Heavy Jigging Rod

The Jig Pro 3 is specially designed for metal jigging in Big Game Tournament.  It strengthens the toughness of the backbone of the rod blank to produce incredible lifting strength in the fishing rod. It can easily take on the powerful thrusts arising from the sudden explosive runs of the whopper, while building up progressive tension to restrain the runs of the big stubborn fish in order to wear out its energy. Definitely an ultimate gift for big game jiggers.

The design of Jig Pro 3 emphasizes on the swimming action of the heavy metals, user comfort, rhythmic rod action and energy consumption. The meticulous process from R&D to the shaping of the fishing rods involved numerous tests and improvements, before finally producing this exceptional jigging outfit good for big game tournament.

Fitted with Fuji SiC guides and Fuji components.

Test Field


Model No.Length(Ft)Line wt.(lb)Lure wt.(g)GuidesSectionTypeWeight(g)
JPC5915’9”2 - 42507+11Over head (Casting)
JPC5915’9”3 - 63007+11Over head (Casting)
JPC5915’9”4 - 83507+11Over head (Casting)
JPC5915’9”5 - 104507+11Over head (Casting)
JPS5915’9”1 - 31505+11Spinning222
JPS5915’9”2 - 42505+11Spinning246
JPS5915’9”3 - 63005+11Spinning266
JPS5915’9”4 - 83505+11Spinning292
JPS5915’9”5 - 104505+11Spinning304