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TAS (Tension And Strength)

TAS is an unique rod strengthening process that enables the rod to outdo a tough opponent effectively with its versatile interactive flex. Over the years, EXPERT Graphite has been focusing on the development this core technology. The sophisticated alignment and impregnation of the high modulus carbon graphite create a superb blank that is both flexible and tough.

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EXT (Expert X Technology)

EXT is an innovative carbon fiber wrapping technology featuring critical ±45-degree dual directional layout. It minimizes self-twisting of the rod blank during the formation process to optimize the properties of the carbon fiber fabric. Flexible and tough, the rod is now more sensitive and tenacious to readily offer a better feel of the fish bite and lure action, and even the flow of the water current itself!


MTJ (Multi-Joint)

MTJ is a unique multi-directional jointing system painstakingly designed to make it friendly for two-piece or multi-piece rod users (including butt-joint). The appropriate thickening of the joint with high modulus graphite is accomplished with a special process to eliminate the common joint weaknesses and stiffness. As such, the two-piece or multi-piece rods of EXPERT Graphite show no inferiority compared to the one-piece model, in terms of sensitivity and tolerance.


36˚ + (36-degree Plus)

Lots of time and investment have been spent to perfect this unique process. The high modulus graphite cloths are placed directionally with a minimum of 36 degrees to create a rod blank that is more functional and above the rest. Different ratings of high modulus graphite are used in this blank manufacturing process to offer varied attributes in terms of flexibility, tenacity, hardness and toughness.