Ambush XP 100 Low Profile Baitcaster

The frame of the Ambush XP is made of special strengthened materials, not only to reduce its weight by 20% to make the reel significantly lighter, but also increase the hardness and strength of the reel body by 20% to ensure better durability, without compromising on the original functions.

Its PMCS magnetic braking system features a set of magnetic brakes which reduces the occurrence of backlash while precisely controlling the speed of the spool. In addition, it is equipped with 2 high-quality Japanese ball bearings and 7 stainless steel ball bearings to improve the idling smoothness of the spool which will significantly improve the casting distance and accuracy, as well as the overall mechanical operation and fish fighting efficiency. The one-way anti-reverse bearing ensures instant locking of the spool to minimize the chance of mishit.

Notably, its ASC multi-disc brake system will provide super-smooth and consistent pressure to sustain a braking force of up to 7kg which can quickly exhaust any freshwater whopper and has it landed in no time.

- 8:1 High speed gear ratio
- Precision aluminium spool
- High strength aluminium power handle.

XP100LXS0.23mm/200m, 0.28/316m78.0:11889+1Left
XP100RXS0.23mm/200m, 0.28/316m78.0:11889+1Right