Apex AX 30 Jigging Reel

A light and handy jigging specialist

Developed specifically for Slow Jigging and Vertical Jigging, this reel features a gear ratio of 6.3: 1 with a narrow aluminium alloy spool boasting larger line capacity and cranking power, which make it easy to perform various jigging functions regardless of the fishing situations. First-class aerospace aluminium alloy is used to construct the one-piece body frame by way of CNC machining, and it is equipped with top-quality stainless steel transmission gears and pinion gears that mesh precisely, together with 9 ultra-high-quality stainless steel ball bearings which make the transmission system extra powerful and smooth going. The incorporation of 2 high-quality one-way bearings also allows the machine to be more compact with its instant anti-reverse durability doubly enhanced.

The smart and stylish design of the fishing reel’s side-plate with large perforations and a drainage hole is meant to serve three purposes – reduction of reel weight, fast drainage of seawater and easy cleaning and maintenance. Coupled with advanced antirust technology, possible damages are minimized with its service lifespan significantly extended. In addition, the multi-level anodizing of the reel body and spool further enhances the luster of the reel as well as its corrosion resistance.

The ultra-smooth and extra-powerful Twin-drag system employs selected carbon brakes to achieve an awesome drag force of 25kg. The multi-stage lever drag can accurately and finely control the drag pressure required at each stage, which is complemented by the ergonomic structure of the T-bar power handle to provide a firm and comfortable grip with least slippage. Be it striking the fish or battling the fish, the angler will find it easy to control the exact timing to ensure success.

The Expert Graphite Apex is truly a light and handy jigging specialist which boasts a robust and durable body that is packed with diverse useful functions.

AX30-LPE2/370m, PE3/300m256.3:1460101Left
AX30-RPE2/370m, PE3/300m256.3:1460101Right