Apex AX 50 Jigging Reel
Deeper exploration for bigger harvest

To satisfy the needs of ultra-deep slow-jigging enthusiasts, we have developed the Apex AX 50 reel that can accommodate more fishing lines, beside featuring the optimal 6.3:1 gear ratio required for slow-jigging, a strong large-capacity aluminum alloy spool reinforced with super cranking power, to facilitate the probing of deeper water in search of bigger specimens.

First-grade aerospace aluminum material is used to create a one-piece body frame by way of CNC machining, and it is equipped with top-grade stainless steel transmission and pinion gears with precise meshing reinforced by 9 super high-quality stainless steel ball bearings, rendering the transmission system much more powerful, smoother and more efficient. The use of 2 high-quality one-way bearings gives the fishing reel an instant anti-reverse system that is more effective and twice more durable.

To meet the stringent demands of most anglers, we have adopted a closed and multi-dimensional anodized body frame and spool to improve its anti-rust and corrosion resistance, eliminate foreign matter intrusion into the interior, reduce saltwater corrosion and extend the life of the fishing reel.

The smooth, powerful and high-power dual brake system uses selected premium carbon brake pads to achieve the ultimate 25kg braking force. The multi-position lever can also accurately and finely control the braking pressure required at each stage, made easier by the ergonomy of the power T-handle which provides a compact and comfortable anti-slip grip. Whether it is striking the fish or in time of battle, you are in command of every important opportunity to ensure final victory.

Come with a solid body, extraordinary power, super drag force and truly invincible.


AX50-LPE3/450m, PE4/400m256.3:1590101Left
AX50-RPE3/450m, PE4/400m256.3:1590101Right