Using high-quality carbon fiber raw materials imported from Japan and processed via Expert Graphite’s advanced TAS rod-making technology, the characteristics of various carbon fiber materials are optimized to create a unique elastic cross-wrap texture which significantly enhances the elasticity, tenacity and lifting strength of the blank, resulting in the superb castability and fish-fighting power of this masterpiece. The rod features an overall lightweight design to ensure its lightness and handiness which are vital to reduce the burden on the hands and overall physical stress during long hours of fishing, and also to improve its casting distance and agile functional performances.

The Black Stone STICKBAIT rod is specifically designed to handle Stickbait lures. It has a powerful backbone for fish fighting coupled with superb castability, which allow the anglers to have a better and more complete control over the lure movements, and impart more vivid and livelier swimming actions to the stickbait.  

The GT 802MH STICKBAIT is meant for Stickbait below140g, good for targeting predatory species such as GT, mackerel, barracuda, tuna, etc. lurking at the atolls, shoals, shallow waters and islands.

Fitted with Fuji K guides and Fuji quality components, this rod is pleasantly lightweight and yet boasting incredible rod power.



GT 802MH8’0”5 - 63006+1Butt JointSpinning426