MIRAGE JIG is the most popular light jigging rods adored by fishermen. The imported graphite from Japan undergoes a unique process by employing the 360+ technology to produce a strong and robust blank characterized by its slender body which boasts exceptional tenacity to take on any hard-fighting fish, as well as its surprisingly powerful pulling strength. These attributes make the users love it no end.

Different from other light jigging rods on the market, the EXPERT Graphite technology has significantly strengthened the flex of the rod tip section, so that a fisherman can easily present the jig in any ways he likes. The varied fluidic swimming actions of the metal in the water will be most natural and lively. In addition, the super high-quality graphite blank also produces ultra sensitivity which immediately transmits any lure signal to the hand to facilitate the fisherman to make the right judgement and the decisive strike. The MIRAGE JIG series ranges from lure weights of 80g to 150g to suit different fast jigging styles.  

Fitted with Fuji K guides and Fuji components.



MGS 601ML6’0”0.8 - 1.5807+11Spinning113
MGS 601M6’0”1 - 2.51207+11Spinning119
MGS 601MH6’0”1.5 - 31507+11Spinning124