The saying ‘Another feather in the cap’ aptly describes the gorgeous form with the return of the upgraded version of the Expert Graphite Offshore Fighter II, which once again has aroused the enthusiasm of the sportfishing market, notably the jigging fraternity.

We have incorporated Expert Graphite’s proprietary 36°+, TAS and MTJ new-generation rod making technology to comprehensively improve the performances of the new Offshore  

Fighter II, rendering the overall fishing rod extremely powerful and extraordinary. Compared to the first generation, this latest light jigging weaponry is lots more superb and outstanding. The TAS Technology flawlessly combines the high-carbon cloths of different properties while retaining their respective characteristics. In addition, the unique 36°+ rod wrapping concept will impart excellent flexibility and toughness to the light jig rod, while giving the rod blank a much stronger reactive force when attacking and fighting a fish.


-Top-grade Japanese high modulus carbon fibre

-TAS Carbon Cloth Combination Technology improves the toughness and strength of the fishing rod

-36°+ Rod Wrapping Technology prevents the rod from twisting, hence better pressure resistance.

-MTJ Reinforcement Technology consolidates the joint so that the two-piece rod equals the perfect performance of a one-piece rod.



OFS 602UL II6’0”0.6 - 1.5306+1Butt JointSpinning
OFS 602L II6’0”0.8 - 2606+1Butt JointSpinning
OFS 602ML II6’0”1 - 2.5806+1Butt JointSpinning
OFS 602M II6’0”1.5 - 31206+1Butt JointSpinning