EXPERT Graphite has grown to become the world's leading designer and manufacturer of fishing products. Our long-term commitment is to provide you with the best value, quality, and innovation in the fishing world. Our products feature state-of-the-art-rod blank technology, characterized by their built-in elasticity, light weight, high sensitivity, and excellent action and power in the butt section. Moreover, EXPERT Graphite's dedication to craftsmanship engineering and use of only the best materials ensures the kind of dependability and durability to be found nowhere else.


Many times we have been asked, "What is the secret of your company's success for all these years?" and we were always able to answer with one word: "Quality." In keeping with this commitment to quality, we established the Expert Field Tester team in the year 2000 to develop, manufacture, and test all of our products.

In the beginning of our company, we held the philosophy that the best our products should never compromise quality for the sake of cost, quality and that if we continued to make quality products, we would continue to have customers. This philosophy has been carried down to the present day management, and today the Expert Field Tester name is recognized as being a leader in the sports fishing industry.

In 2003, the Expert Field Tester developed our very custom made rod blank, the EXPERT Graphite. Our EXPERT Graphite rod blank is incorporated with different types of woven material such as low, medium, high, and higher elasticity composite. Multilayer blends of high-grade fibers are laid at the innermost layer, and woven graphite fabric covers the outermost layer. In addition to higher elasticity, by using state-of-the-art bias fabric, this rod blank retains cutting edge lifting power and ductility, all while remaining light-weight and highly accurate, making it a versatile and powerful addition to any angler's collection.

In 2005, Expert Field Tester team developed EXPERT Graphite's first custom rod series, the "Jig Pro Series" under the brand name "Target." Each custom rod is inspected and tested to give you the type of action and service you would expect only from an industry leader. Fishermen using Jig Pro Series have caught 88 lb (40 kg) Giant Trevally, 176 lb (80 kg) Giant Grouper, 19.8 lb (9kg) Diamond Trevally, and a 17.6 lb (8kg) Giant Snakehead; all were extremely satisfied with the performance of the Jig Pro Series rods, recommending them as being the best custom rods on the market today.

With EXPERT Graphite's superior engineering and quality materials, you will be equipped with only the most professional of tools. EXPERT Graphite is the most trusted name in the industry, and if you're truly serious about your fishing, EXPERT Graphite is the only way to go. Gone fishing! With EXPERT Graphite.