The SeaBest luring series is mainly used for tackling Seabass and other pelagic fishes in the mid to upper column of the sea.

During the process of designing the rod, due emphases were placed on multiple functional aspects to make it an ultimate fishing weaponry, including the feel of casting, casting distance and accuracy, as well as the power needed for effective control of the fight and the eventual landing of the fish. 

The 8'6" and 9'6" lengths can also be used to cast lures of up to 28 grams, thanks to the exclusive TAS Technology which renders the rod blank structure near perfection. Be it distance or accuracy, it can cast further and more accurately than other common luring rods.

The design of the 2-piece SeaBest makes it convenient and easy to carry, without occupying too much space. In addition, the incorporation of Expert Graphite's exclusive MTJ joint enhancement technology makes the rod joint much stronger than other fishing rods, thus allowing the angler to fish with greater confidence. In terms of feel of casting, lure casting and fight control, it is no inferior when compared to a 1-piece rod. This feeling of confidence is most vital for the fisherman to engage the fish and fight it with gusto.

The 36°+ Advanced Technology serves to further uplift SeaBest's sensitivity and power. Be it swimming action of the lure or fighting the fish, the rod will perform marvelously to optimize fishing satisfaction.

Fitted with Fuji K guides and Fuji reel seat, this is one superb saltwater series that is most ideal for lure casting from the boat or shore.

SB 862SM8'6"132.5cm8 - 187 - 2811+12Spinning
SB 962SM9'6"147.5cm8 - 187 - 2811+12Spinning