The design of the Target squid-fishing rod upholds Expert Graphite’s core concept of "Quality is King". High-quality materials, combined with the most advanced and exquisite rod-making technology are used to bring about these desirable attributes: "light, stiff, tough, precise, sensitive and powerful". The final result is a truly fine and unique squid fishing weaponry whose overall performances are simply too amazing to believe.

Target boasts a soft but strong and highly sensitive rod tip. Once hooked, the most subtle movements of cephalopods such as squid, cuttlefish and other similar species in the water can be clearly felt through the rod. The angler is fully aware of what is happening down there, and reacts timely and correctly to avoid escape, thus improving the catch rate. Line control is vital because the hooks on the squid jig have no barbs, and the squid is capable of throwing the hooks the moment the line is lax. It is thus most important after a successful strike to maintain the tension of the line. Here, Target's highly flexible rod tip will be most effective to absorb the explosive burst of the squid, while the powerful mid-section will provide enough lifting strength to restrain the squid's movements, and eventually have it landed in the shortest time. 

In addition, the fine and slim rod blank made of high-modulus carbon fiber certainly meets the requirement of ultra-lightweight design to make it very easy for fishing. Even after long hours of casting and jigging, the angler can hardly feel any physical stress or fatigue of the arms. The elasticity of the rod tip allows the lure to be cast to distant spots for wider coverage, while the overall rod action is fine-tuned to impart lively actions of the squid jig to make it most enticing to the predators.

Target is fitted with quality Fuji guides and Fuji reel seat to make the squid-fishing rod more functional and productive.



TGE 7927'9"0.6 - 1.22.5 - 3.58+12Spinning
TGE 8328'3"0.6 - 2.03.0 - 4.08+12Spinning
TGE 8628'6"0.6 - 2.03.0 - 4.08+12Spinning