ULTRA MANIA's Beyond the limits, meet the needs of anglers.

Ultra Mania was developed with “Extremity Ultra Concepts" which are below 84g lighter rod weight and ultra light action. 

Fast tip action increased the speed and precision of rod castability to make sure the lures or bait in a fixed direction with every cast, and drop precisely at the point.

With 36°+ advance rod building technology can improve high sensitivity and reduce the weight of the blank. It is one of the extremely strong ultra-light fishing rods in the market.


- Rod weight less than 84g.

- Every tiny action underwater can be felt clearly.

- TAS technology enhance backbone and construction of the blank to increase the power and toughness.

Fitted with Fuji K guides and Fuji components.

UM 632SUL6'3"2 - 51 - 66+12Spinning
UM 662SL6'6"2 - 61.5 - 86+12Spinning
UM 692SML6'9"3 - 72 - 106+12Spinning